Saturday, September 1, 2007

Are you planning to have a baby ?

IF you’re planning to have a baby it is advisable to be well informed and prepared to provide the best care for yourself and your baby. Common sense and scientific evidence tell us a healthy body is the best environment to achieve implantation of the fetus and carry it to term.

How long should it take to conceive?
Mostly fertile couples achieve a pregnancy within the first few months of trying. It can take up to six months after stopping the contraceptive pill for ovulation to resume. Women over 35 or who smoke can take twice as long to conceive. Intercourse 3-4 times a week at ovulation time maximises the chance of conception.

It is important to have a well-balanced and nutritionally sound diet. Women should aim for ideal weight before conception. A high-fibre,low-fat diet is the basis of good health. Eat freshly cooked or freshly prepared food.

Folic acid
Folic acid reduces the risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect such as spina bifida. Those at high risk include those previously affected and those with a family history, diabetes or on anti-epileptic medication.
Folic acid supplements are advisable for all women. Those at risk should take daily at least one month before pregnancy and ideally for three months. All other women should have tablets daily three months before conception, continuing for three months after.


Regular, light exercise is important. Avoid high-level exercise and getting overheated.If you don't know how and what to do,contact your expert for more advice and detail.

Prevent infections

Most conceptions have ideal outcomes but the fetus can be affected by certain infections, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, so it is wise to try to reduce the risk of contracting these infections while trying to become pregnant and throughout the pregnancy.
These infections include rubella, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, listeria, cytomegalovirus and

Smoking, alcohol and other drugs
You should not smoke during pregnancy and ideally quit three months before conception.Avoid exposure to passive smoke and get a smoking partner to co-operate.
The National Research Council advises against drinking alcohol before and during pregnancy.
Stop other recreational drugs and discuss over-the-counter drugs with your doctor.
Caffeine( tea,coffee,cola etc.) intake should also be reduced.

Genetic counselling
Genetic or developmental disorders need to be considered if there is a past obstetric history,
a family history or advanced maternal age (generally considered over 35).

Your doctor will advise about testing of yourself and your partner.

Blood group

It is a good idea to know the blood groups of both sex partners so the Rhesus factor is known. A negative blood group in the female combined with a positive group in the male partner requires CAREFUL attention.

Check point summary

● Stop smoking
● Stop alcohol and other social drugs
● Reduce or stop caffeine intake
● Review current medications
● Follow a healthy diet
● Folic acid for three months before conception ( With your doctor advice)
● Good exercise routine
● Ensure rubella immunity
● Breast check and Pap smear
● Eat freshly cooked and prepared food
● Consider genetic and family history
● Consider health insurance cover.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Female Baby Names Z

Christian Baby Name ZName Meaning
Zacharee God Is Remembered
Zahar Morning Light
Zahavah Golden
Zakia Bright; Pure
Zalia .
Zambda Meditation
Zan .
Zaneta God's Gracious Gift
Zara Dawn; Princess
Zayit .
Zaza Movement; Flowery
Zeanes .
Zee .
Zehava Golden
Zelpha .
Zemirah Song Of Joy
Zerlinda Beautiful Dawn
Zeruah .
Zethel .
Zevida Gift
Zhalore .
Zia To Tremble; A Kind Of Grain
Ziahon .
Zila Shadow
Zilpha Stately; Noble
Zimra Song Of Praise
Ziona A Sign
Zipporah Little Bird
Zisel Sweet
Zita The Seeker; Virgin
Ziva Bright; Radiant
Zoe Life
Zoheret She Shines
Zoleen .
Zonda .
Zula .
Zuriel God Is My Rock

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Female Baby Names Y

Christian Baby Name YName Meaning
Yachne Gracious
Yadira Friend
Yael Strength Of God
Yaffa Beautiful
Yakira Precious
Yamin Right Hand
Yana He Answers
Yanira .
Yarkona Green
Yavonna .
Ydel Praise
Yemena .
Yesmina Right Hand
Yessica Wealthy
Yetta Short For Henrietta
Yevon .
Yitta Light
Yoninah Dove
Yovela Rejoicing

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